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The scope of our services include, Project planning and Feasibility Studies, Engineering designs and
specifications, Quantification and cost estimation, project management and supervision. INTECON
also offers engineering solutions to restructuring and re-building of burnt and old existing buildings as
well as structures affected by natural disasters.
Projects on which our professional services are provided include but are not limited to Warehouses,
factories, industrial buildings, Hangar buildings for Aeroplanes and Helicopters, Airstrips, Equipment
bases, Tank bases on piles and on preloaded soils, shore protection, jetties, highways with bridges, soil
reclamation and soil improvement using state-of-the art techniques. The engineering of these facilities
designs are usually preceded by topographic surveys, geotechnical investigation and environmental
impact studies of project sites which are also carried out by INTECON.
Highlights of the services provided are:

  • foundation soils investigation and designs.
  • site engineering surveys.
  • structure for factories, warehouse, petrol-filling stations and other special utility buildings
  • building structures including high rise buildings (both steel and concrete)
  • airports - complete with runways and all operational buildings
  • aircrafts hangars
  • highway engineering designs, traffic engineering and transportation studies
  • pavement and geometric designs for highways, estate roads, runways, taxiways, filling stations, forecourts, factory floors and other special utility areas, requiring pavements.
  • jetties for oil terminals and communities
  • bridge designs both in steel and concrete
  • complete designs for storm water drainage systems for all types of development or developed areas
  • complete designs of sewerage and sewage systems
  • complete engineering studies for the design of dams, water supply and distribution systems
  • environmental impact assessment studies
  • engineering solutions to re-structuring and re-building of existing structures
  • study and engineering expert recommendation in respect of failed structures
  • development design and management of complete optimum cost maintenance packages for existing
    private and public projects: e.g. highways and bridges, drainage systems, waste disposal and
    sewerage systems, public buildings etc.


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